Hornet Extermination

Hornet Extermination

HORNET EXTERMINATOR IN BOWIE, MD and surrounding areas

HORNET EXTERMINATOR IN BOWIE, MD and surrounding areas

Unless you are a professional exterminator, chances are you don’t know much about hornets other than the fact that they are aggressive and their stings are extremely painful. At Novex Pest Management, LLC, we know a lot about hornets and are skilled at removing them when necessary.


While we are experienced hornet exterminators, there are a few things we want you to know about them. Hornets hunt other insects, so if you have a controlled population of them in your area, they may actually be helping you by removing other insects. However, if a population of hornets gets too large or they are nesting close to where people are, then you will want to have them removed immediately. This is because hornets, especially a colony of them, can be dangerous.


If you encounter a hornets’ nest, the best thing to do is call a professional exterminator. There are do it yourself guides out there on how to remove a hornets’ nest, but attempting to remove a nest yourself could have deadly consequences. Hornets are aggressive, social and extremely territorial. If you threaten their nest or one of the hornets in colony, they will attack. Removing a nest is not worth risking your life.

At Novex Pest Management, LLC, we’ll assume the risk and get the job done right. We’ll work with you to eradicate the issue and do so in a timely manner. Call today for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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Novex is very professional, honest and friendly. Since they have been treating our house, we have been ant free. They also got rid of our bed bugs.

We moved into our home in Bowie back in 2009, and NOVEX was a legacy from the previous owners. We kept NOVEX for the next five years, and in that time they were always punctual and effective. We rarely had a problem, and when we did they took care of them quickly and efficiently. 

I have been using Novex for almost 11 years. They are family owned and go over and beyond friendly an Greg loves dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Novex performed a very courteous professional and thorough inspection. High recommend.

We have dealt with Novex for years. The staff is prompt and informative and best of all ver effercive in eliminating pests.

We've used Novex for many years for termite and quarterly general pest control. We have always been extremely satisfied with their service. Their personnel are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Whenever we feel we have a problem, we call and they are here immediately. 

We've been using Novex for years - they are a local Bowie company. Very professional and friendly.

We have used Novex for 5 years now. Greg has always been on time and does a great job asking about our issues and addressing them. If we see a lot of bugs in between appointments he comes back to our house and sprays for free. Highly recommend Novex for your pest control needs!

I have been a Novex customer for the past 10 years and the service has always been excellent. The technicians are experienced, well versed in the field of pest management, friendly and very patient. Everything they do they explain thoroughly. They're honest and I trust their work

Novex has been providing our pest control service since we moved to the area in early 2007. The service has always been excellent and the various family members who come to our home are professional, cordial, and ever willing to meet all our desires and needs. Thanks, Guys!!. 

Novex has been providing quarterly service for us for close to 10 years. They helped eradicate a bad spider cricket infestation we had in our garage. We have experienced as many as 20 crickets a day in our house (i can't stand them!). Now, if I see one cricket…I'm on the phone with Novex.

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